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Share Google Maps Info With +Snippets

With the recent integration of +snippets by Google, now Internet users and publishers can share their favorite websites and pages with ease on Google+. Google+ appeared a few months ago to go head-to-head with the world’s most used social network, Facebook. As of now the only two ways to join Google+ is by invite from current members or if +member shares something with you. In case anyone was wondering when the social layer would arrive, it’s here.

As reported to and by Search Engine Land, earlier this week several people began reporting and mentioning rumors about Google+ coming to Google Maps. Well, it’s here today Google integrated +snippets with Google Maps. The +snippets integration is seeing as too much too soon and not very dramatic by some critics but for people who are planning trips or vacations and local SEO campaigns this could be a major boost.

+snippets for  Google Maps

For travelers who use Google Maps as their portable traveling bible, they will now be able to share driving directions and places to stay with other travelers or friends. How? With a few clicks of the mouse, log into your Google+ account, click the share button on the top right and share any place from restaurants to hotels or anything else you are looking at on Maps. No more trying to remember the secret route you discovered upon getting lost or the name of that mom and pop restaurant that serves the best breakfast in town, because you have shared it with your Circles of people on Google+. This is one featured that will benefit local business owners to get more people in the door.

According a Google they will soon be including +snippets on their other services like images, shopping, news, videos, search and calendar.